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My libido just went from low to super high

My libido just went from low to super high

Dear Britta!

I just want to share with you something beautiful that´s happening with me.
When I contacted you for the first time, I said that I´m really finding it hard to connect to my sensuality and I basically have 0% lust for sex. A few months later, I find myself in my room, not being able to concentrate on anything else, cause I´m just so excited and impatient!

Everything changed

The reason for that excitement is a neighbour that I´ve been.. getting to know 🙂 since we went into self-isolation. A super patient and sweet guy that seems to love doing whatever I wish for! Thanks to all the work we´ve done with you, and his lovely attitude, I felt comfortable and confident sharing what I want and how I want it. This clear communication opened a beautiful space for fun and exploration for both of us, no scripts and no judgement.

The results:

I´m swept away. He´s swept away.
I´ve had more good sex in the past 3 days than in the past 2 years + my first orgasm with a partner since my first boyfriend.
And he said, I quote:
“Ich hab bisher nie gelebt! Was hab ich bisher überhaupt für Sex gehabt?! Was hab ich vor dir gemacht?! Ich mach alles für dich, alles, was auch immer du sagst!”
Obviously said in a moment of extasy, but… I certainly don´t mind it :)))

The journey goes on!

So this is just a huge THANK YOU for helping me find my way back to my curiosity and confidence! The magic is already happening and I´m so so so excited to stay on this path of discovery and pleasure that only gets deeper!
See you after this virus-madness starts to clear out. For now I wish you to enjoy your quarantine. I´m certainly enjoying mine 🙂

Wanna have what she's having?

When I started to work with this wonderful young woman, what struck me most was her curiosity and determination to fully go for it. Rarely has one of my coachees developed such a hunger and discipline to read, do the suggested excercises and just do “the work” to get to to the other side. It was a pleasure to witness how it played out for her.

If you want to change your sex life for good and look for some guidance, feel free to get get in touch with me.

I support you through online coaching (Zoom) or live sessions in my practice in Berlin-Pankow.

Looking forward!

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