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Lovemaking Temple while camping with kids

Lovemaking Temple while camping with kids

This was the beautiful love space provided to us by our friend one afternoon during our two week holiday trip traveling with kids. On a campingground.
Not did she only explicitly invite us to make use of her stunning temple like tent to spend some sensual quality time there. She also took the two kids along to a river and gave us the opportunity to have some 4 prescious hours by ourselves. Such a generous offer! Such a well needed luxury to give our bodies some time to play and our minds time to rest.
Such a warm amazing sunny and orgasmic afternoon.
It’s so important when you are a parent and a couple to create regular times for extensive lovemaking. Also and especially during holidays, when you spend basically all day long with your kids. We said we needed some time. And asked for support. And look what we got. ✨

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