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Pathway to orgasm

Pathway to orgasm

I (Britta) think one of the reasons I was always so interested in sexuality and part of my journey into becoming a sex coach, was my own search for ORGASMS during sexual intercourse or in general in contact with another human being. For YEARS I felt really blocked, dumb, uneasy and thought something was profoundly wrong with me, for being such an incredible sexually lustful energetic woman on one hand, and being so controlling and stuck on the other hand when it came to COMING fully, freely and blissfully.

I don’t say that it was an easy or quick path, but I feel that since I’ve started to fully focus on the subject 8 years ago, I’ve succeeded step by step dropping deeper and deeper into my orgasmic potential – driven by my own courage and curiosity and thanks to the help of different teachers and wonderful lovers, who supported my blossoming.

In my current partnership, it has taken me exactly 10 months, to freely and reliably orgasm during intercourse without using eg. toys or strong fantasies (and yes, though some people say that’s not the point of sex, it’s still pretty awesome to be able to share this intense moment with your partner) and I still often have tears of joy and gratitude running down my face after I CAME.

I feel every woman should be able to experience this and there are manifold ways for her and her partner(s) to experiment, learn and grow into this vast orgasmic life force. Getting there will most likely mean leaving your (by a sex-negative “civilized” culture shaped) comfort zone – but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!

If you need support, we are here to talk, share our experiences or integrate hands on bodywork to create a learning space for you to explore and grow.
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